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How Amazon’s Alexa will power BMW’s next-generation in-car assistant

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The next-generation BMW voice assistant will be built on Alexa technology. This was announced today by Stephan Durach, Senior Vice President of Connected Company and Development Technical Operations at the BMW Group in Munich with a partnership between Amazon’s devices team led by Dave Limp who also serves as an Executive Lead Designer for New Release Experience Design within Jeff Wilkings’ish company known best among other things for developing cars equipped with self driving functions rather than just selling them.

The digital experience just became a lot more natural with the help of Alexa technology, which will enable drivers to remain focused on their driving. With an even better dialogue and no distractions from devices like smartphones or tablets during navigation tasks for instance; this is sure beat anything that has come before it.

With the Alexa technology, drivers can stay focused on road without feeling like they are conversing with an invisible person. This will bring digital experience to entirely new level.

The new BMW voice assistant will work in cooperation with Alexa, providing customers the benefits of an intelligent personal driver while she provides familiar experience many people are already using today—such as being able to control music remotely or add items onto shopping list. This means that if you prefer one over another then no problem! You can have both assistants working side by its counterpart so there’s always someone available at any given moment just waiting on your command.



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