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How a Cyber Attack Left Arnold Clark Vulnerable to Blackmail

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How a Cyber Attack Left Arnold Clark Vulnerable to Blackmail

Arnold Clark, one of the biggest car dealerships in the UK, was recently the target of a cyber attack. This attack resulted in a data breach that left customers’ personal data vulnerable to hackers. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the end of it – the hackers then proceeded to blackmail Arnold Clark, demanding payment in exchange for not releasing customer information onto the dark web. Let’s take a closer look at how this happened and what steps can be taken to prevent similar attacks from happening in the future.

How It Happened
The security breach occurred when a hacker gained access to Arnold Clark’s system through an unsecured server. The hacker was then able to gain access to sensitive customer data such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and banking details. Once they had this data, they were able to use it to threaten Arnold Clark with blackmail. They demanded money in exchange for not releasing customer information onto the dark web or selling it on the black market.

How To Prevent Similar Attacks
It is essential for businesses of all sizes—especially those with large amounts of customer data—to have robust security measures in place so that they can remain protected against cyber attacks. Firstly, companies should ensure that their servers are secure and up-to-date with all necessary patches and updates applied regularly. In addition, strong passwords should be used by staff members who have access to sensitive information, and two-factor authentication should be employed whenever possible. Finally, companies should invest in anti-virus software and firewalls which can help protect against malicious attacks from hackers looking to steal data or disrupt operations.

The Mail on Sunday uncovered a malicious hacking ring that has become increasingly powerful due to the havoc wreaked in Latin America, culminating with an invasion of the website belonging to Arnold Clark.

Arnold Clark’s recent experience with hackers is an unfortunate reminder of how vulnerable we are online today. We must remain vigilant when it comes to protecting our systems and personal data from malicious actors who seek only financial gain at our expense. By taking proactive steps such as ensuring servers are secure and investing in anti-virus software and firewalls, companies can help protect themselves from these kinds of attacks. If you’re concerned about your business’s online security, contact an experienced IT professional for advice on how best to protect yourself.

If you are one of the customers affected by Arnold Clark, don’t worry – they want to help. Be sure to reach out today and contact their helpful customer service team at

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