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The launch of the UK’s first hydrogen-electric truck

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Tevva Hydrogen Truck

The hydrogen-electric truck from Tevva will have a range of up to 310 miles (500 kilometres), and its refueling process takes just 10 minutes.

This vehicle will be the first of its kind to be manufactured, designed and mass-produced in Great Britain.

The first hydrogen fuel cell-supported heavy goods vehicle (HGV) to be manufactured, designed and mass produced in the UK is set for launch today. This ground breaking moment will mark an exciting new chapter in transportation history as it heralds what many hope could become a turning point when it comes clean energy solutions like these.


The UK-based company, which has so far raised $140m in funding and will soon unveiled their hydrogen electric vehicle alongside the latest full battery version of an HGV at Road Transport Expo.

Hydrogen is a much better alternative to lithium ion batteries or diesel for use in larger commercial vehicles. Not only does it have higher energy density but also doesn’t emit any harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide which are responsible for climate change.

Hydrogen fuel cells will soon be the answer for fleet operators looking to go green. The technology is easy and affordable, with many options available that can fit into any budget or need. Hydriodic Acid Systems are a great start as they provide maximum power without compromising cargo space while still being environmentally friendly.

The use of fuel cells as a range extender rather than the primary power source allows Tevva to provide smaller, cheaper and lighter units with higher efficiency.

Tevva’s 7.5-tonne hydrogen electric truck is a perfect fit for customers who need to drive longer distances, as it has an exceptional range of up 310 miles (500 kilometers) with zero emissions and reliable technology that won’t let you down when push comes to shove.

The hydrogen fuel cell technology used by Tevva offers an eco-friendly solution to power your vehicle, with a similar time needed for refuelling as diesel trucks. Dual use of both battery electric and this new type Hydrogen Energy sources futureproofs customers against any potential shortages or price spikes that may occur in one form but not another! With fossil fuels being phased out over the next several decades due mostly because they’re so polluting.

Hydrogen Truck

The UK is a country that has been heavily influenced by the fossil fuels industry. This means they rely on things like gas and oil for their transportation needs, which accounts for 18% of all greenhouse gases released in 2019 alone.

Tevva offers a range of services that help customers access sustainable and affordable hydrogen supplies, along with their purchase or lease on Te’veta Hydrogen Trucks. Alongside 24/7 customer support for all needs from any perspective in terms heating systems management through to refueling convenience, the company will also provide these crucial elements such as shipping logistics which are so necessary when it comes making use renewable energy sources like those found within fuel cells.

The future of transportation is coming, and it’s hydrogen-powered! The Tevva CEO says that this new truck will be a landmark moment for their company as well as UK manufacturing. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store with post fossil fuel tech taking center stage soon enough.

Hydrogen Truck UK

Hydrogen is the future, and Tevva knows it. For those who want to go beyond innovation- they need a company that will never stop pursuing advancements in science with its focus on safety as well. With hydrogen solutions for your fleet or personal use available now at an affordable price point thanks our partnership agreements across Europe – there’s no better time than today.”

The head of competitions and projects at the Advanced Propulsion Centre, Zoe Hall said :
“I am extremely proud of the hard work the team at Tevva has put into this vehicle”, Asher added. “We have reached this milestone by leveraging our years of experience designing, innovating and manufacturing dual-energy vehicles.”

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