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The new Skoda Vision 7S : a powerful SUV with a striking design

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Skoda Vision 7S

The new Skoda Vision 7S is the future of the car company’s identity. A hint at what it will look like, but also an appetizer for everything that’s coming next from this innovative automotive brand.

The badge on the car has changed, now looking like a simple ‘SKODA‘ with an accent atop S. This is to better welcome those who are not fluent in Czech and use this font for their logo instead.

Skoda Vision 7S

The Skoda Vision 7S is a high-end model from Skoda that features their new Tech Deck Face front end characterized by an impressive bumper with integrated seven vertical slats. The accent on this section has been given to one of its lamps, while all other lights are outlined in aluminum and sport T-shaped headlights positioned far out at the edges – making them look very different than any other car around. Skoda says that this design was inspired by the Czech art of cut glass, and it certainly gives the car a unique and luxurious look. The 7S also comes equipped with a host of high-tech features, including a digital instrument cluster and infotainment system, as well as a heads-up display. With its combination of stylish looks and cutting-edge technology, the Skoda Vision 7S is sure to turn heads on the road.

Skoda Vision 7S

The car you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. With an athletic, sleek design that is unique in the auto industry and sports car handling abilities to match its form, there’s no doubt about it; this vehicle has set out to make all other cars look like they’re standing still. The rear end follows a similar concept with T-shaped taillights matching up against their respective headlight forms while also having vertical slats placed side by side just below where we find our boxy body shape complete at drivers’ disposal which allows them easy access to any kind of turn without worrying too much if things might get damaged or altered due draggy surfaces near roadsides. All in all, this car is sure to turn heads and drop jaws as you zoom past the competition.

Skoda Vision 7S

Skoda’s innovative design features create a car interior that is both eco-friendly and user-friendly. The lack of physical buttons may be frustrating for those used to having something tangible in their hands while driving, but it makes sense from an eco-friendly perspective. The use of sustainable materials and the lack of leather or other fabrics inside make cleanup easier. The Suicide Doors also give passengers more space by allowing our stewardess to seat up to seven passengers instead four like most cars on the market today. Skoda’s commitment to innovation results in a car that is both environmentally friendly and user-friendly. Thanks again to these innovative design features, Skoda is setting the standard for other car manufacturers to follow.

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